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RUN-FIT Training

Getting you fit to run with a proven training system. RUN-FIT operates unlike any other running club and can be used as 1-2-1 personal training but also works great in small groups and with sport teams. 

RUN-FIT will perfect your performance

There's regular RUN-FIT training every Saturday morning at the Knowle West Health Park 10.10-11.10am.

Please email, text or call for current availability!

Run Fit Trainers


  • Running Technique Training.
  • Interval Training.
  • Sprint Technique Training.
  • Speed and Agility Training.
  • Hill Work and Time Trials.
  • Flexibility and Mobility Fitness Drills.

RUN FIT is an amazing training tool and our training techniques above can easily be adapted to your current fitness level and ability. So whether you just want to run for longer than 10 minutes or you would like to tackle an up coming event or half marathon, this proven training systems will work for you. If you're currently coaching a sport team such as Rugby, Net-Ball or Hockey etc then RUN-FIT will give your team the edge they need to help them win.


  • Increase Cardiovascular Fitness.
  • Increase Endurance and Stamina.
  • Increase Speed and Power.
  • Increase Flexibility.
  • Burn Body Fat and Lose Weight.
  • Sense of Well-Being.
The training sessions will be a mix of the principles above and are aimed at increasing your fitness level so that your running performance will become natural and feel more comfortable when doing so. Of course Jason is always here to encourage, motivate and give you best advice.

To find out more please email or call Jason on 07855 465 872.

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